Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fair Share

We have notable light. This morning, while driving my daughter to early jazz band practice, the pink lights of daybreak came out to join us. This is something to celebrate. Also, I had my job interview yesterday and I have nothing scheduled for today. The first time in a whole year! I started studying last Jan 15.
The job interview was brutal. Patient situations. Whew. It went well. My papers are all in, but my registration doesn't kick in until March 1st which means..... knitting break!
I stopped in at the maternity unit and what they would really like is newborn knitted sweaters and sets. I had an idea they had enough of the hats already. That makes it easy for me and I hope to pass this information along to my LYS.
I was reading "Spin for Peace". blog and had an epiphany. I have been wanting to help my mom with the local fair, the Chilliwack Exhibition. But I hate the fair. How about a class for donation knitting? I have discussed with the knitting group I don't get to go to that we could make a big impact if we all entered the same class (socks, dishcloths, whatever). Now I am going to suggest to the fair board that they have a "Fair Share" class with great (donated) gifts and donate all the items to the needed groups. Chilliwack Community Services would like to benefit, I'm sure.
So I'm going to persue that. As I'm weaving in the loose ends of my nursing studies, I'm doing the same with my Philosopher's Wool Windows sweater sleeves. The main body won't have ends because of (eek) steeks. I may be brave enough to begin those today. But I do have a baby sweater to knit.

I feels like a new year.

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Life's a Stitch said...

We live so close but our climates are so different! Saw some blue sky this morning out of one window and complete socked in fog from another.