Monday, January 12, 2009

Unphased By Obstacles

Well, not unphased, but able to overcome.

On my last shift in my year of nursing refresher, I opened a letter from the registration college saying my file was so dormant, they destroyed my records. Great.

I went to work to tell my instructor, and then went home and slept 3 hours.

Friday night was Scott's grade 10 piano recital and we had 60 people at the church for music and then coffee and (8dozen peanutbutter, 3 dozen shortbread and 5 dozen chocolate pretzels) refreshments. Whew. I worked that day, only 10 of 12 hours.

After the recital, 20 of the family came back to our house for Emily's 16th birthday cake and presents. Whew. I didn't get to bed until 11 pm.

Woke up at 0545 to that letter.

This is Monday and at 0830 I called Registration Services. It was a mistake. No problem. Just fill out the forms again and fax them to us. Sorry.

I can't tell you the distress I was under!

I helped with Em's girlfriend party, Saturday, which went well into the night and everything was numb.

I'm OK now. But I didn't want to blog my angst when I expected some answers today.
I did knit the Bella Mitts (Mittens, sorry Kristen) and entered them in the Ravelry files. That was fun. Jenny loves them and she can wear them in the car as her husband drives her to and from work.
I then made a second pair because I was having a 'day off' on Friday and Jean and I went to our wool shop. Their anniversary sale is 20-50% off, but you draw from a can. I got 25%, but they give me a discount every day. Not so exciting.
I did buy the pewter wool for the "Real" Bella Mitts for Emily and finished them already lastnight. I am so excited about the careful and symmetrical increases and decreases in this clever pattern.
I'll go to town and fax my papers to the RN college today.
I want to rejoice in my success, but I'm still a bit bruised from the unexpected letter.
Maybe tomorrow.

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