Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feels Like Home

A week in Ixtapa is enough. Time there is slow. You forget all your worries and plan your day around the cool morning walk, ocean side reading and pool side reading. Gentle, friendly people all around. Si, vino blanco, por favor. Great for Valentines.

Mexico toes are happy toes. It was really warm. We did lots of walking on the beach, so I thank the orthodics guy for customizing these sandals for me.

Learning the long arm shot.
Every vista was blue and sandy. Every beach was clean and being appreiciated by families local and visitor alike. We went into Zihuantanejo one day and enjoyed the markets and the museum.
Our all-inclusive hotel is an old Sheraton that has been lovingly maintained. It's the brown one.

Our room was facing the ocean and the pool goes right to the beach. The bar goes right up to the pool. If it was a little modest, that made up for the decadent service. The people were definitely five star.

Every night was a sunset from our room.
I knit the blue thistle shawl on the way down while watching Duchess on the tiny TV screen in the back of the chair in front of me. Actually I ripped about 20 rows before I could start cleanly. She chugged along pretty well. I didn't bring her out until the flight home. I only worked on her a little because I was stuporously relaxed.
First I had to finish my Pico Iyer book, Video Night in Katmandu. It's about the intersection of Asia and America, but it was written in 1985. I need to catch up with his newer books. His writing is beautiful and insightful. I haven't had time for nonfiction other than nursing books, so this was a super treat. Plus I had finished our book club choice, Sweetness in the Belly, in two lounging days.
I watched Recipe for Bees on the way home and was glad for the darkness because I surely blubbered.
To get away from it all and leave your cares is great medicine. But on Thursday the cares started to assert themselves into my mind and by the time back I was wrestling with decisions again. The answers are the same, but the perspective has helped me. I hate to cut back volunteering, but I will have to save my effort for balancing my new career with my family (and for choosing to work with teams that will respect my ideas).
It feels good to miss your kids and sleep soundly in your own bed. There is great comfort here.


Life's a Stitch said...

We went to Ixtapa six years ago with the kids. It was a good vacation, lovely area. The staff were well treated.There are high rises in town where they live, and if they work for the hotels for 10 years they are given title to their apartment. We could learn from them.

LNS said...

I'm glad you had a lovely vacation and made it safely home again!