Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This, Too Shall Come To Pass

The temperature dropped about 5 degrees on my walk this morning. The rain turned to ice and this view of the shrouded mountains turned to this:

No mountains. That's looking east- toward Hope. I was supposed to drive through the Coquihalla pass this morning to my sister's ranch in Kamloops. But the pass has a snow warning and I have no chains or experience in that type of apocalypse.

We have had spring-like weather for a few weeks. I walked on the Chilliwack River Rotary Trail (part of the Trans Canada Trail) yesterday with sunshine, a nursing friend and two very happy dogs.

Today, Carly was solo and loving the rain and wind and ice. Good Labrador.

So I have a snow day. I hope to finish the Haiku's last sleeve and sew her together. Unfortunately that takes away great travel knitting. I can work on the back of my aubergine Bristow while I visit with my spinning niece and her favourite fibre store.

My sister is probably getting all the horses to shelter now. It's supposed to be done by tomorrow, and the roads will be plowed.

Emily is travelling down to Idaho for the Jazz Festival and will be back on Sunday. This is a really crazy trip with amazing musicians. She is competing only with the Vocal Jazz and has a great scat solo. They sing quite a bit of Michael Buble arrangements which is good because he is a local boy. The opportunity to leave the boys to fend for themselves will hopefully not be lost.

Tomorrow is another day. But I have this one to waste now.

ETA: (whimper)

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Life's a Stitch said...

On occasion we can see Mt. Baker from the North Shore. I had a friend who'd say the if you can see Mt. Baker, it meant it would rain within three days. Go figure.