Saturday, February 21, 2009

Forecast: Showers

I've been invited to a baby shower for next Sunday. I knew this was coming and even considered hosting it myself, but with my current schedule in limbo... I just bobbed along until it found me.
Out comes the binder of baby patterns. I want something a bit special, but quick, not frilly: Haiku. I l*o*v*e* this pattern and it's adult version Sonnet. The yarn is Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece from my niece's Mariah hoody.

Hello Caroline. I found your blog and I'm so excited about coming to see you next week and picking up my first drop spindle. The infection runs both ways.

You can see the sky is blue. It's 3 degrees Celsius (according to D's new thermometer) and Carly is pacing in the kitchen, knowing we will go for a walk while Emily is at Orchestra practice. They play tonight at the music festival, so it's a good thing I have some portable knitting.

D just called from the ferry lineup. He has to go to the island for his uncle's memorial. His two brothers did not take the time to go and his mom take it pretty hard.

These are the poplars that keep me company from my desk. I think of them as the girls at the party who stay on the edges and giggle and gossip. When the wind blows through their leaves, they rustle like taffeta.

Yesterday was a "Pro D Day" when the schools are out and the teachers go to workshops. This is the first one in a year that I wasn't studying, in class or working. I took Emily and my godson and youngest nephew shopping. We got the last black dress in Langley. But it was her size and on clearance, so that matters not. She needs it for the Jazz Festival next week.

Then we went to a nice lunch at the Wired Monk: fresh food and good prices. Right next to Fat Burger, it was a much better Angie choice.

Then Chapters. This used to be a really exciting stop. The kids would play on the computers and we would oggle the shelves and shelves of books. But the book industry took a hit and now there are a lot of candles and cards. Still we each found a special book.

I found Knitting for Good. The first pattern is the Reversible Herringbone Rib Scarf from my friend at . Yay Li!!! Hers was the first knitting blog I ever found and she lives 1 1/2 hours away. This year I will take her to lunch. I hope.

There will be showers of knitting goodness from this book!

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Life's a Stitch said...

Looking forward to it!
Wonderful description of the trees.