Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Small Pleasures

Lastnight I quickly knit up the sleeves and sewed together this newborn-sized sweater. I am happy with the results, though I find the "sayelle" a less pleasant acrylic. My next sweater for March will be of a softer acrylic. This only took one skein. At this rate, I have more than enough stash for one sweater a month. I'll keep the really pretty, soft, pink for another pi shawl, maybe.

On my walk today I saw a single blooming winter jasmine

The heather is late this year and has been battered by the snow. But it echoes the white bells of the snowdrops

On the needles I still have the thistle shawl. I stretched it out a bit to try to capture it's silhouette.
I think I showed you already that I blew up the chart and set up each row with its own card. This works well for travel. But this project isn't really good for TV, or visiting, or anything that can be interrupted. I guess I'll try audiobooks.

I also must confess the afghan sashing is in progress, the nephew #5 sweater in complicated cables is in a bag and the start of the Bristol back,which I should be able to knit on the go, is waiting at the door.

The fair isle is officially a UFO until another season. I have sock options, but will probably turn to another baby sweater as soon as I turn the calendar.

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