Monday, July 12, 2010


The garden is so happy to have a few days of heat. There has been enough shade, too, that I haven't wilted. It helps to go to the lake and the camp where it's more pleasant. Today is raining, so I can knit indoors instead of on the deck.
The quick Inspiration Baby Blanket is moving along. I hope to finish the last set of stripes today and start the border. Will I get it done before the baby is born? If it's a boy, I'm already set. But I worry it's a girl. The only girl in that family. Hence the "My Little Pony" colours. I know a few 4 year olds who would choose these colours. So I try to put my own aesthetics on the back burner (with all my other knitting!). Get this done, then I can do some more summer fantasy lace.
I'm also writing up this simplest of patterns and hope to post a .pdf. Yay!

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17th stitch said...

The blanket looks lovely!