Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wedding Journey and Joys

We travelled, the four of us, to Nanaimo this Friday. There were orcas in the bay! The big kids were good companions, eventhough we shared one room. My three sisters and almost all their boys were there. Plus my one niece with her young family. It was a great time.
There was lots of fun. The bride is beautiful and we are lucky to add her to our family. Perhaps this younger nephew will teach the older ones how it's done. The girls all danced for hours at the Country Club. We enjoyed the ocean breeze in the late night and sat on the deck by the golf course talking and laughing.
This is where they we married. It made the 2 hour drive to the ferry, the 2 hour ferry ride and the trip up Island worth it. Ishbel was a good travelling companion. And it's perfect knit up in the Sweet Georgia Merino Silk.
We had fun last week when Jean was trying to get the perfect yarn for a wedding shawl (for her, she already made one for the bride) and couldn't find it in a shop. Her son was in Vancouver. I phoned Felicia at Sweet Georgia and he went by with the dress. They bonded and friended each other on facebook and everything. He wants her studio. He also knits and joins us sometimes on Thursday morning knitting circle.
This is where we stayed. The Inn at Long Lake. It was lovely and a good spot for families to gather and hang around.
D was sad because his Grandma's house was right across the highway and it was demolished after it was sold this spring. We did get to visit Grandma in her apartment in Nanaimo. She is really content there.
And we are content to be home after a lovely journey back.


17th stitch said...

Sounds like a fabulous trip! Your photos are stunningly gorgeous...

Neuroknitter said...

We visited Nanaimo quite a few years was lovely!

I love the image with the flowers on the fence with the bay in the background!

Sounds like a perfectly festive gathering!

Angie said...

I've been catching up on your blog today, as you know, and you are really doing a fine job with your new camera! Beautiful photos and perspectives.