Friday, July 30, 2010

Seems Like a Year

I got back home from camp today.
I had my birthday up there which meant I had lots of great visitors and wonderful hugs from the very young campers. D brought up a big cake for everyone.
The counsellors this year were so awesome. They are responsible for 6-8 little kids for a whole week of water sports, campfire and dining experiences and they make all the difference. Thanks guys! I had a steady stream of kids in my nurse's cabin: from homesick tummies to cracking great head injuries. There are extra lifeguards all over the place and I never felt I was alone in making decisions.

Here are some 7 year olds learning to kayak on our lake. They really took to it. My cabin is a few steps from the left hand of the photo.

And we offered sailing this year. Amazing! These kids learned so much. So much that I don't know. Plus I won't know because I stay on the grounds to field injuries. But it was stunning!
For my birthday, D gave me an ipad. (Yay). Mom gave me a great cookbook from Cooking Light. The kids gave me another pandora charm and some purdy's chocolates that are always on my list. Emily was especially thoughtful and picked me up from camp.

When I got home, I had a surprise from Grumperina. I won her knittaversary contest by very cleverly entering a random comment. Yay! I love Cascade 220 and will dive into this book as soon as I do inventory on my works in progress:

Ishbel was cast off at camp and then squirrelled away with my unnecessary warm clothes and raingear to keep her silk and merino goodness safe. I will block her in the days to come as I get my sea legs and even go back to work.
Thanks to the simple garter stitch, the blue blanket is growing quite quickly. I have lot of yarn and will try for 36 inches square (or so) before I put on an icord edge. I will be working on this mainly in the next few days (see working reference).

Love the Woodland Shawl. It's rhythms of lace are perfectly suited to my own needs. I knit next to the lake and during meals at camp. But "somehow" my needle broke on Wednesday. It may have had something to do with lots of kids and teens at camp. There were no witnesses. I was grateful for my emergency knitting (blue blanket).
So my laundry is hanging on the line and I'm catching up on mail. But I wanted to read your blogs and post my own to let you know how much I think of you, dear reader. Thanks for being there. It seems like it's been a year.

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Life's a Stitch said...

You had a good week of weather at camp! Happy belated birthday, too. Our family has many good camp memories, C was a camp executive director, I was a cook, my son was a counselor and skateboard instructor and my daughter was a nurse for a couple of summers.