Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Brightening Up

Emily picked some of our flowers the other day. They brighten up our table.
Ishbel brightened up our floor. She's really not so grey but more plummy. I love, love, love the yarn. I will buy more Sweet Georgia as soon as I can. I am so happy I ripped her back and knit a few more sets of A and B. The finished size is 30x64 inches and so drapey, it could be a scarf.

My two shifts were great with a wonderful team (as usual). Double time for the BC Day holiday. I even picked up part of a shift tonight to help them out. But I'm tired and groggy. Working on the two simple projects (blue baby blanket and woodland shawl) makes it easier to keep knitting.
We're having a wild thunder storm right now. More summer fun.

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Angie said...

Your Ishbel is lovely. Hurray for new bags, knitting or otherwise.