Monday, August 09, 2010

All's Fair

I finally brought in some of my Queen Elizabeth roses. They are original to the house, so the same age as me. I had it on my list to trim them for a while, but it is a big job.
My dear knitting friend, Diana, gave me the pitcher for my birthday. It was also an incentive.

The resulting branches were about 6 wheel barrows full.

Thank goodness Scott was home to help.

Saturday was the Apple Pie Contest at the fair. My Mom invented this and has convened it for 4 years. This year I was the MC and our judges were the baker from the Airport Cafe, Chef Dez, and our Mayor, Sharon Gaetz. They were kind and funny and spoke well. My sister, Debora won! She wore the apron I made her and so did Mom.

We have an agricultural fair. There were lots of 4H animals and kids and lots of vegetables and handicrafts.

It was lots of fun to be included, and I saw all sorts of people I knew.
Sunday was Open House at the camp and I took Carly, our black lab. She loved, loved, loved it. Even when she was on the leash. More nice people.
This week I help take Emily to the PNE practices for drumline. Plus I try to catch up with my housework.
The blue baby blanket is done and ready for blocking.
The silver Meandering Vines Shawl is started in Panda Silk and such a great pattern! I need to get at it for a September birthday.
Also a great pattern: Toasty Cosy. I'm making a hot water bottle cover for a dear friend with back pain. I can hardly stand the softness of the Luxury Collection Baby Alpaca Sport (which is very chunky). The pattern includes the increases in just the right way. This will be a quick knit for another September birthday.
I will also start the 10 stitch blanket in rainbow coloured Mini Mochi for an October baby.
Maybe the housework will have to wait. I've worked so hard last week, it's only fair.

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Angie said...

The roses are beautiful, especially in the lovely vase! Mmm, a pie....multiple pies! :D I love local fairs and should visit mine more often.