Saturday, August 28, 2010

Catching Up, Meeting Up

Some of you may recognize this beautiful smile from the Life's A Stitch blog. This was the first knitting blog I ever read and Li opened a world of wonderful people and wonderment to me. I was so lucky to find such a great writer, interesting knitter and just lovely person on my first stop.
After six or seven years, we finally met in person. She is even lovelier. She chose a cozy marina cafe that was (generously) easy to find. We were excited and silly and even philosophical at times. I know I will always enjoy a visit with her. She even gave me directions to the nearest Kal Tire to fix my flat tire. I drove the drumline in and, between the construction, the loud music and boy conversation, we were alerted to a rear flat. Never a dull moment.
Li and I exchanged gifts. Yay. I love gifts, they don't have to be for me. But this lilac wood shawl pin, made by her husband is a real treat. It looked great on my Taize Noro shawl. Thanks Li.

My trip last week to Three Bags Full during their sale was also exciting. The stash enhancement made up for the energy suck that is a stop at Ikea. I didn't fill three bags, but it felt like it. This is Mission Falls 136 Merino. It's dk and a new yarn to me. I bought enough to make Coraline.
This will replace my February Lady which is not made for someone my size. I do have a problem with knitting too big. Hopefully I can overcome it.

This malabrigo worsted is for Gretel. I bought a bunch of patterns when they were donating money to the Haitian relief. I need a hat for walking the dog when it gets cold. This may prove addicting.

And this is gorgeous Frog Creek Fibers that I won from the Knitting Triathlete's fundraising for Make A Wish Foundation. I heard about it from the Knit Girllls podcast and feel drawn to the chance to help pediatric patients (plus win wool!) You can see it's in my favourite colour.. What do you think about fingerless mitts for me?
I was too tired to walk today after hoofing it around the PNE till 10pm. D and I took the bikes out for a country block of riding. Trying to move every day. Trying to drink my water and make good, low fat, high fibre food choices.
Now I have lots of yarn choices, lots of knits in my queue and a virtual friend turned real.


Life's a Stitch said...

Oh my goodness, funny picture! You can almost see my tonsils. I was having fun, you sure can tell that. I am actively seeking yarn for my future Taize, thanks to you ;-) Thanks again, it was a wonderful time.

Lesley said...

Love the knitting, LoriAngela. I'm hoping (at some point) to start mine again - y'know once the dreaded fire's done! ;-)