Friday, September 03, 2010

Seasonal Changes

This is the reason I have spent so much of the summer on the highway. My daughter is playing "Louie, Louie" on the trumpet and is the lead tip of the drumline. They were interviewed for newspaper and televison, like City TV. D went in last night to listen to them and bring them home. He really enjoyed it and I'm so glad he got to experience the excitement.
Today we are taking my friend's son into UBC. On Sunday we take Scott back to UVIC. That will be such a big change! There are several big boys in my basement this morning.This is Aunt Wendy's garden. I don't think it shows the late summer stress that other gardens are wearing. Her daughter was my flowergirl and grandma had a lovely family shower on Sunday. Misty put her sweet baby in the pink blanket right away. They also want knitting coaching. Yay. I gave them some patterns and will have to reign myself in to not overwhelm them! We're going to try to meet at 88 Stitches.

The black Diamond Fantasy Shawl is coming along. I have done two of the ten repeats. The alpaca is soft in the wound cake, and in the shawl, but kind of scratchy while knitting. I love the beads which are black but with an oil slick covering of blue and shiny. I knit yesterday while watching some TV- continuing in my summer of Fantasy: Eureka! The show is partly filmed in Chilliwack, and Lala said we would like it. I love Serenity and Firefly (thanks Miss Violet). Then I watched Nanny McPhee at my mom's because she wants to see the new one.
I was able to walk the few blocks home in the cool dark last night and appreciate the changing season. Definitely shawl weather after supper. Welcoming the change.

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Neuroknitter said...

Your Diamond Fantasy shawl looks lovely!

We love Eureka!! I'm lost as to which season we're at...but we love it! :)