Monday, September 06, 2010

Travelling Companions

The Shetland Pi Shawl KAL from Wendy Knits came to Victoria with us yesterday. This was the best knititng for travel! Just interesting enough, steady on the needles. The weather was clear with a hint of cool, the reservations made sure we made our ferries and the van was big enough to bring all of Scott's belongings and the food we stocked up for him.
I spent many summers, as a child with my Aunt Anna in Victoria, a very pleasant time. D stayed with his grandparents in Nanaimo. It is a sort of home coming. Unfortunately this time, I hadn't contacted our dear Island friends. There comes a time when you feel it is too late. But these are special people. We ran into one couple in the grocery store, who swept us up in a charming garden tea. The other family tracked us down and offered us supper. So kind.
We just ran out of energy after hauling stuff up 3 floors. And we ran out of time. Always the ferry. I will make an extra effort to meet with them at Thanksgiving. That means I get to come back.
In the garden, the parents of D's oldest best friend shared a wonderful visit. She is a knitter, and I'm excited to send her a few patterns for prayer shawls for her knitting group. She has inspired me to go ahead and try to get a knitting group together to make charity items.
This is the dorm room after the makeover. Cozy, no? The wall decal is from Byrdie Graphics.
He also has a book shelf for a standing work station. The "cluster" has four rooms, a kitchen, two baths and a dining/living room for 4 boys.
Today is Labour Day, which, ironically, is a day of rest. Em will come back from the PNE today and start Grade 12 tomorrow!
I can tell we're in transition because of the weird collection of dishes in the dishwasher. What kind of people live here?
Back to Pi. I have one more repeat on the 4th clue and then I start the edging!

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