Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Packed and Ready.

We're heading out to Oregon and Northern California tomorrow in a facimile of our honeymoon. We didn't get to play in Portland, though. I hope to meet up with Sivia Harding before she heads off to teach. And there are wool shops and breweries to explore.
The weather, unfortunately has turned. I know that Environment Canada is no more accurate than reading pig spleens for forcasting, but we have packed lots of rain gear and warm socks.
The fingerless mitts above (Nutkin), have become necessary because a certain little girl walked off with my Cashmerino Fetchings when our fundraising hike for the camp turned into a torrential downpour. I will get them back. But I will probably have to make a replacement pair in purple for a six year old.
I love this cable pattern so very much. I have even wound off half a ball of very dark Trekking XXL to make the socks. First I went over the workshop in the new Knitscene, because I have trouble making socks that fit. There all many reasons, all of which have to do with accuracy and gauge. Le sigh.

These are the knitting bags I have lined up for the trip. Eventhough we are taking the car, I have no hope that D will allow this kind of excess. I will work on the mitts tomorrow. Then the Woodland Shawl who is always the last bridesmaid. Finally, baby deadline will have me working on the 10 stitch blanket all the way home.
I will try to post and share some of the photos, but we'll see if D is inclined to assisting with the whole laptop thingy.
Have a great week if I drop off the blogosphere. Think of me knitting on the road and in the pub.
Next up: attempting to revive our local knitting circle, getting in touch with my nursing classmates and sewing Wise Men costumes for our Christmas Pageant.
I already need a break.

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Neuroknitter said...

Have a marvelous trip!! I'm sure you'll enjoy the many yarn stores and brew pubs PDX has to offer...sounds like you may be looking for Sivia at'll love that store!!

You pack like I do for road trips!! Love it!!

Looking forward to seeing pics of your adventures!! Have fun!!