Wednesday, September 08, 2010


The corn is high. The blackberries are laden. This is a sweet smelling season. We often get a beautiful, hot September. But this summer was hot and dry anyway. The chill in the air is most welcome. Even if I am not going to give up the soundtrack of my summer, Sarah Harmer's Little Fire.
This corn is the field beside my highschool where D and I met on a debating team (more than nerdy) and our daughter is in grade 12. Whew! It's September! I forgot about Stash and Burn's Single Skein September, but am sort of in it anyway. I'm on the last skein of the Pi Shawl (also the last skein of the Woodland Shawl if I were knitting on it). The Diamond Fantasy Shawl is made of only one long skein. But I really want to pump out a few quick projects like blue fingerless gloves for me, and maybe the Gretel hat in the Malabrigo I bought at Three Bags Full.
Jean and I stumbled upon a new wool shop in Vancouver on West Broadway while moving her son into UBC: Gina Brown. Didn't I buy some white laceweight silk at Gina Brown in Calgary? Why yes I did. This is her granddaughter. How sweet. And a nice shop. But we just couldn't bring ourselves to buy more stuff for the bloated stash.
I, too, am bloated. Thanks to Lezley from KnitGirllls for encoraging us knitters to get off our behinys. The fog was rising as I rode my bike to day. I did my old weight program, but in the wisdom of starting slowly, I only used soup cans (1 lb) and did only one set of reps. It may feel wimpy, but the chances of me repeating it are inversely proportional to the pain of lactic acid building in my sorry muscles. I did beat one of the boy counsellors in an arm wrestle this summer to his ever-living shame. But I am a farm girl and combat trained to boot.
I am also on Weight Watchers ( I am qualified to be my own leader), so my treat will be listening to new knit podcasts and screaming away on the edging of my shawl. Rational? I can rationalize it.

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