Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Fasten Your Seatbelts

D and I went on a driving holiday to the Oregon Coast and Northern California. We had a few days in Portland first, which we loved, but I'll try to make an update later.
This is the coast as we first saw it. Very ocean and surf. We live in a river valley, so it's pretty exciting.
A real lighthouse at Heceta. (I think).

Very tall trees. These are the redwoods of the National Park just south of the Oregon border.

This is the surf of Brookings Oregon. Friendly people and lots of public space to walk.

We stayed in a hotel right on the beach. It's just out of the frame to the left.

A real California sunset from our restaurant.

We drove to Shelter Cove on a crazy windy road. There were few people on the shore, but lots of birds and seals.
I couldn't count all the seals and we didn't even see them all till the photos.

The lighthouse if from Mendocino, and very well restored in its move.

More Redwoods from Humbolt State Park. Great driving and walking among the giants.

After shopping at the outlet mall in Woodburn, we checked out Mt. St. Helens. I remember the day it blew, 30 years ago (!!). We thought the heifers had taken down the barn.

I finished my fingerless gloves on the second day. Great pattern. Now I want to try to adapt other sock patterns for gifts.

The Woodland shawl got lots of hours of driving knitting. It did get a bit tedious when I couldn't look at my hands and had to do a lot of counting. A few of the stretches were too windy even for that. I managed to get well into the third and last ball of Cascade Heritage sock yarn.
I'm not sure if I like the muted colours. It looked a lot better when I was knitting in my jeans than it did this summer in shorts and bright tshirts.
Then we were headed home, I switched to the baby blanket and started panicking. I'm still worried I won't make it by this Saturday. How did time travel so quickly? I just made beef stew, mushroom stew and vegetable soup to share with the new mom. Whew! The clean up took forever.
I used the Nordictrak this morning while watching the knitgirllls and got a great work out. But more stolen knitting time. Now is the time to settle infront of the DVDs and stay up late. Fasten your seatbelts.


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place! One day, when I have lots of money, I shall have to go and see Oregon.
Love the knitting as well. What pattern are you using for the baby blanket? Lesley

Life's a Stitch said...

We must have flown right over you with out layover in Portland. There was a beautiful sunset along the coast. I've wanted to make that blanket but thought it might get old with only ten stitches. Tried it with 20 but couldn't get it to work. Next time we're together I'll ask for live advice.