Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sweetie Pi

She is done. The Shetland Pi Shawl Knit A Long from Wendy Knits was finished Thursday. I had time to soak her and block her out before my first choir practice of the year- barely. This was a huge blocking project. I "blocked the crap out of her" and stretched it to 32 inches radius. That's 5 feet, 4 inches in total width (diameter). But so soft and drapey. she is small enough to wear as a scarf. I wish I had done her in a more autumn color so I could wear her everyday. But the turquoise- more true in the photo above- is pretty good with my chocolate brown.
This is Saturday's sunshine. Today the bird bath is overflowing and the there are ducks in the puddles in our driveway. It's disappointing weather for a fundraising Walk-a-thon. I wonder if anyone will come up to the camp?

Gratuitous shots.

Feel the love.
It will have to overcome another disappointment: the Diamond Fantasy Shawl. Yesterday I sat on the deck with only Bach to distract me and still I stumbled over the rows. This is a prickly black alpaca and it doesn't like the needles I picked either. Oops, I dropped the crochet hook when I was ripping out a beaded row (!!!). Oops, I tipped over the little tin of beads...onto the slatted deck. Somewhere there is a sparkly slug under our deck, trying to hide from the ducks. There were expletives. What was I to do?
A quick phone call to my dearest friend got my feathers in the right direction.
Then I cast on the Nutkin fingerless gloves in the Frog Creek Fibers Sonsie merino in Computer Blue. This was a prize from The Knitting Triathlete's Make a Wish fundraiser. Good karma.
Brilliant pattern! The 'cable' is from Knitzi's Nutkin sock. At first I thought that was all to confusing. But it just about knits itself.
Maybe I'm not a degenerate knitter!
I got one whole hand done after supper while D and I watched the last of the last season of Lost.
I was not disappointed with this. And especially pleased that my friends didn't spoil it for me.
I will wrap myself in my sweet new shawl today and get all smug by picking up UFO's and finishing them.

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Anonymous said...

That looks lovely. My lace knitting abilities are pretty much zero, I'm afraid so I admire people who can knit such lovely things. :-)