Friday, August 06, 2010

Fair Warning.

Knitting Circle yesterday was fun with duelling ipad and laptop. I can't begin to say how much we appreciate Ravelry and what it has done for our knitting lives. We went over all the gauge, yardage and vest options for a new project with so much information at our fingertips!
My new bag will be for knitting. There was a sample sale at a local shop. Yay. It even matches Ishbel.
I find myself compelled to knit on the fuzzy blue baby blanket. I started the i-cord edge because I was worried about yardage, and found it didn't take much. So I'm adding a few strips to the log cabin on the other sides. If I have to keep asking if it's too small, just know that it is. I want a generous gift, and I'd like to use up most of the yarn.
I have other knit projects that I "want" to knit, but can't seem to put down the baby items.

High summer is making my flowers tired. The air quality tanked with pollution and wild fires. this morning is a bit cooler, so I'll cut down my 8 foot Queen Elizabeth roses and hope they will bloom again before the end of the season.
My clematis wilted despite watering, so I think I will plant a honeysuckle like the one above. We had a huge one at the farm (as well as Queen E roses) and the vine attracted lots of hummingbirds. I don't put out food for them, but find planting for them easier.
I'm catchng up from being away at camp and working this week. Every surface is cluttered and sticky. The floors have the usual dog hair. It must be cooler for me to notice.
This weekend I host my Mom's Apple Pie Contest at the Fair, and then lead worship on Sunday. Whew! Emily is in and out of Vancouver, preparing to drum at the PNE and Scott is trying to pinn down housing for next year at UVIC. Glad I can be home to support (and knit).

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