Thursday, August 26, 2010

Kitty Pi

To thank Wendyknits for the wonderful Pi Knit A Long (KAL) I made a Kitty Pi blanket for the local cat shelter, Safe Haven. Our local SPCA has been mired in politics and attitude and no longer serves this community. And yet there are animals in need. Some local people set this up and the city now has a contracted Dog Control who are awesome and actually love dogs. When I was young, we had a real dog catcher, Don Price. We kids were all afraid of him as he roamed the alleys in his van and there were wild accusations of kidnapped puppies. We didn't have a dog until we moved to the farm.
We always had cats! I miss them now, but Emily has allergies and when her last cat, Allegra Belle, had to be put down when she was about 10, we just decided not to replace her. Maybe I'll get D another persian some day.
I used the 9 stitch cast on, knit 4 rows, increased, knit 8 rows, increased, knit 12 rows of the swatch chart, increased, and then knit till I was out of yarn. I was aiming for 24 inches and came in just shy of that.

Here is my Pi KAL at the end of clue 2. The Ella Rae merino from Urban Yarns is so soft and just squishy enough. I have knit Elizabeth Zimmerman's Pi shawl as a baby blanket many times. I've used Patons baby wool when it was the height of our shopping choices, then Lannett, especially nice in red. The last few have been in butterfly cotton with the spiral recipe that is written so you don't have to count rows.
This incarnation, a tribute to EZ, is just the right amount of new and familiar.
I received a Sweet Georgia pin with my yarn club delivery. And it's a good thing, because I was putting on my Merino Silk Lace Ishbel and had a shock.

My finger went right through a hole. I just about screamed. After blocking and wearing it for a month, I found a dropped stitch. I just captured it and set it aside. Jean said she would hold my hand while I got the little crochet hook out and worked it up the row. I may have to sew it? No idea. Not going there. I will turn to my Pi for now.


17th stitch said...

I can't wait to see how Wendy's Pi blanket turns out. That blue is just gorgeous.

Angie said...

Pretty Pi! :D Awk! regarding finding a dropped stitch. I am glad you found it before it went on a major walk-about.