Sunday, August 22, 2010

Enjoying the City

For Valentines, D gave me tickets to the Michael Buble concert. We went on Friday and it was so much fun. He really is a great performer. Plus he donated all the proceeds of that concert to the Children's Hospital. What a guy!
We went in on Thursday and stayed at our time-share, walked around, had dinner and did a bit of shopping. What a treat. There were cupcakes.
On Friday morning we walked across the Burrard Street Bridge. It's my favourite. We went to Granville Island, but it was very busy with tourists.
We went ot Sweet Georgia's studio to pick up our yarn club yarn. Her studio is so hip and I got to meet her mom. I wore my Ishbel made of her merino silk and they were both so sweet about loving it. The yarn is so exciting, but some members won't have theirs yet, so I'm not going to take a picture just yet. I may use it to make a Maia shawlette.
This is the bridge from below. The third tower from the right is where we stay.
On Saturday we went shoe shopping to the only shoe store D likes.
I even found a pair for my large orthodic hoppers.
In the afternoon we met up with friends from our UBC days. Great people. Smart, funny and successful. They are way behind on the kiddies, though, with collectively 4 under 7. I had to go to the PNE to pick up Emily from a drumline performane and she played with the kids nicely.
There were knitters. Yay.
The Pi shawl is definitely coming along and good car knitting (when I'm not driving).
This week I'm driving in again to carpool with the kids. Not part of the original deal! What I would really have liked is to have been asked and given some sort of a schedule instead of scrambling on the cell phone while shopping in Williams & Sonoma. Why am I always so unrealisitic? Plus I just mopped the floor after she baked while I was at work. This doesn't work for me either as all the baking is beyond my calorie limit and only served to the other drummers.
So tonight when I drive in to pick them up, I will allow myself a great listen (Stash and Burn- must save it) and a great coffee.
Enjoy the little things.


Felicia from SweetGeorgia said...

Hi Angie! Thanks so much for coming to visit the studio and I do hope you enjoy knitting with the Club Yarn!

Ahh, your photo of Michael Buble there looks great... must have been so nice to be at the concert. I love live music.

And yes, your Ishbel was gorgeous! :)

Angie said...

Looks like you had fantastic seats! Thanks for sharing your day.

Neuroknitter said...

Michael Buble...sweet!!

I would so love to meet Felicia and see her studio...perhaps a field trip someday...I heart her yarns!

Pioneer Woman is awesome!!! ;)