Saturday, July 24, 2010

Planning and Preparation

Summer has already passed her zenith. The dusk comes earlier and the dew is heavier. I'm so glad we had the trip to the Island to celebrate the high summer sunshiny days. This is my favourite time of the year. Tonight we are having a dinner party. It has been so long that we're a bit excited. Just two couples on the deck with barbequed salmon, but we hope to get back to more of this.
I crave the deep, dappled shade of my lakeside cabin. Tomorrow I go to camp for a week. Of course I bring easy and complex knitting, reading, writing, guitar, flute, and I considered watercolours this year. I 'm not for packing lightly when I have a big cabin and some quiet time. I have the beginner campers, aged 6-8. There aren't 100 of them like last year, so I'm hoping to catch some rest. Last year I came out of it exhausted and went straight to night shifts and pneumonia. I did work last week and gave great care, but forgot some paperwork and felt like an idiot. I need to do a better job on my long weekend shifts.

Still no word on my flower girl's baby. But I did finish the blanket and I'm writing up the "unvention" in a pdf. That's a big move for me. I'm really happy how this turned out.

The seed stitch border is done log cabin for simplicity.

It's about 36 inches square. That's the biggest I like a baby blanket. I also have the blue/green one if she has a second boy.

Jean and I signed up for Sweet Georgia's Yarn Club. We're so happy with her silk blend lace weight and the colours are the best. And she is the loveliest person!

I'm afraid that Urban Yarns in Vancouver is going to be our LYS from now on. We get great service at one of the shops locally, but the selection is not always on my mark. They refuse to look at knitty or Ravelry.

I'm so angry at the other shop right now because they have a summer 40% off sale that they not only don't advertise, but they actually hide. Direct questions were deflected this week! And they know us by name. I just won't shop there when the client is the least important. I'm not prepared to be crabby all the time just to get the deals.
I wish I lived near Needles in the Hay . I was born in Peterborough but have no memories of it. We moved around a lot and then to BC when I was 3 years old. But this looks like the kind of shop I could really enjoy.

So now my conscience is free to shop on line or when travelling or wherever I choose. I could ride my bike to that shop, but I don't feel like a neighbour.

I will lick my wounds at camp and calm myself with the truth that I really have a wonderful stash, no real needs and lots of projects in my queue.

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