Monday, January 24, 2011

Time Zone

It's Tuesday morning and I had enough of a break to upload the blogger app. I love this iPad but it is quirky.
We met a very interesting government worker on the flight to Washington (imagine) and look forward to having dinner with Terry and Dolly in Seattle in the future.
I hope this is a year of taking time to spend time with people. We used to spend so many hours with our bag piping friends, practicing and visiting. It really was a family. But bands change and kids get older.
This St. Patrick's day I will try to have a casual get together with some of our oldest band friends. We clung together at the Burns dinner and reminisced so sweetly.
I am far from my friends and family this week, hoping to meet up with a knit blog friend. Now is the time to begin planning tomorrows memories.

Location:Jefferson Davis Hwy,Arlington,United States

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