Sunday, January 16, 2011

What Direction?

My daughter turned 18 this week. She wore the cape I made her from the Holiday Interweave Knits. Everyone loves her hair, which she cuts herself. She has a beautiful smile and spends so much time bringing pleasures to others with her music. She hopes to go to university after graduation to be a music teacher. We applied this week and it was pretty stressful.
I finished the Advent calendar scarf and I'm happy how soft and drapey it was after I blocked it. I couldn't block it very harshly because it's so long and the pins just made scolloped edges. Is in the gift drawer.

With these. The long-suffering socks. I got gauge, they knit up beautifully, and they're too big. I am discouraged. Will I ever get socks that fit? I also frogged the endpaper mitts because, again I got gauge, but they were way too small for my hands.
My next project is a big risk. The shawls all fit. I finished the Moody Kerchief in the bold new colouring edge. It will grow on my, but right now it's just different. Thank goodness it's soft Malabrigo.
I am swatching for the Cassidy sweater. Not the wimpy little swatch the I normally do, but a big one like Lala makes. My problem is that there is no guarantee that it will fit when I'm done. I have two sweaters to pass on right now that are too big.
I could focus on Emily's grad blanket (that'll fit) or the Philosopher's sweater that I now know needs to be smaller. Less knitting.
But I think I'll just swatch and then take the sleeve to work with me tonight. The sleeve will be less of a risk. Or not.

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Life's a Stitch said...

My boy came over tonight with his self cut hair. Looked similar. He explained that he had the clippers in one room that had the plug in, and a fixed three way mirror in the other. A two room haircut.