Friday, January 21, 2011

Not Knitting Alone.

I set out the suet and immediately had visitors. We don't encourage the squirrels because these ones are indigenous and have pushed out our own small black ones. But he is cute.
The flicker is spectacular in flight and a member of the woodpecker family.

This is the Stellar's Jay, the official bird of B.C. My eldest sister is a naturalist interpreter and forester and was instrumental in getting this designation. Both the jay and the flicker are slightly smaller than our crows. The jays live in our rhododendron bushes and squawk at us when we walk from the front door to the garage. They barely tolerate us.
There has been knitting, but it is so dark in the cabbage of heavy rain that I can't get any decent shots.
Yesterday I went to knitting circle at Jean's and she is so smart! I was starting to moan about not getting row gauge in the Cassidy sweater, just identifying a problem. Well, she had me figuring out 5/6ths of the rows to get a sleeve cap. Yay. The sleeve is done and the second one cast on. I want to get the cuff done and the set up rows on the larger needle for airplane knitting on Sunday.
I went through the stash again. I have enough yarn for 3 blue sweaters for me in addition to the nephew sweaters and Vivian for Emily. I have made a few goals and deadlines for this year, but not too many: Emily's grad blanket, a black shawl this summer and a shawl for next January's birthday. I still have gifts on the mind and plan to pump out a bunch of cowls for next Christmas. The stash agrees. I also wanted to make some kids hats for the Mexico project. I should put the patterns with the yarn adn get on with it.
The monkey sock got lots of attention because I had to wait almost an hour at the local government office to settle Scott's passport application. I turned the heel and I made the clerk laugh. She thanked me for that because she said most of the clients are on survival mode.
I find it hard to find something I want to do more than knitting, even when I have strained my right hand. I have been luring myself to the Nordictrak with episodes of Firefly. It seems to be working if I do it first thing and "earn" my shower. Sit ups and push ups are getting done in higher numbers. Is that why my hand hurts?
Today I set up a craft for tomorrow and practice choir and flute for later today. I'd like to go to a movie or just out of the house, but I have to pack. Then we'll be away for a week and start missing home.


Lynne Rees said...

You have such a pretty blog.

Anonymous said...

Lol! Absolutely your hand hurts because of the Nordictrak - it's well known side effect and nothing to do with knitting ;-)

Those jays are a spectacular colour.

Anonymous said...

So enough Nordic track then,eh? What's more important, that or knitting? Would you believe I saw those walking stick things at Winners today for only $16 a pair. But did I buy them? No....cause I have enough other equipment in the house already!

So you are going soon then. I will miss you....guess you won't do your blog til you return. miss that also.

Hope my boss signs off for my vacation soon, my trip is Feb 11. so will you be back for the feb knit club? I will be there, but I hope my packing will be done cause I am so bad at it! I loved the creatures in your blog. that is one thing I miss about my old house, the birds...tho we do see the odd one here...once there was a red hawk on the fence, believe it or not! and once, when we were selling, there were 7 jays in the back at once. Wierd or what? and then there was another bird story but not a happy one.
anyways, have a wonderful trip!
Got something real cool at winers today, the vogue page a day pattern, i can bring to club.
c u then.

LoriAngela said...

I'm Ok with the Nordictrak because I stopped using the hand thingy years ago. I usually can manage my right hand with not too much gardening or using it at work. I'm doing needlepoint with my left hand for a little bit.