Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nice Knitters

What a treat to meet up with a blogging friend when I am far from home and all is new and different.
Purling Oaks is the most charming of bloggers. I love the photos of her cats and her home. She also lives in Washington DC and took the time between meetings to have lunch with me. We swapped presents of wool. She has invited me into her home and knitting projects via the net and now I got to hear her sweet voice and look into her light green grey eyes. We are both on the verge of changes and it was great to talk with her about that. I expect most of our lives are on the verge of changes.
She brought out her lovely sock in it's cunning little box vsf. I have renewed interest in sewing one.
I walked all over the National Mall and was surprised by the high level of security. But it may be because of the President's address last night.
We enjoyed a casual and fun banquet with the vets last night. I was really looking forward to a visit to Fiberspace today. More on that next time. I will post photos when I get home.
Thanks Angie!!

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