Friday, December 30, 2011

For the Birds

I find myself stopping on my walk to take pictures of the trumpeter swans as they fly over head. We have only had them here for about 5-8 years and they still seem special. I barely remember the book, The Trumpeter Swan, by EB White. Maybe I'll read it on my ipad, or listen to it on audible.
I did finish my book club book. I finished my super secret knitting in time.
The celebrations are over, but the decorations are still up.
The rare Chilliwack snowman. The weather has been warm and wet. Lots of walking in the rain. Met up with some friends and we walked the Vedder River Trail. Haven't been there for years because my dog doesn't do well with other dogs being off leash. My friend's Brittany Spaniel puppy did really well. I especially enjoyed playing with her 10 year old son.
I'm working today. I went in to work and asked about the slow period. Then I get called in. So I won't be shy next time. I work today and New Years Evening until 11:00 pm. I asked D to pick me up and we'll come home for some bubbly.
Spent yesterday making Emily a birthday banner. Looking forward to her party.
But first we go up to Kamloops for my sister's 50th. We have gone up for the past 2 years and enjoy being with them and capping off the holidays. Her knitting has taken off and she loved the Madeline Tosh I gave her for Christmas.
Now that I can knit what I like, I'm reworking the Dahlia cardigan to get rid of some of the rowing out. If I don't try to influence the gauge, I get a better stitch. When we were at Black Sheep wool shop, there were sweaters there with beautiful stocking stitch. I was inspired.
I'm also working on the Kid Silk Haze diagonal loop. Yummy.
I did sneak in to Hanne's wool shop to pick up some 50% off yarn. Some cotton and linen for striped shawls, some colourful yarn for a monster, and some blue cotton to make myself a sweater. Not that I needed more yarn.
I reviewed my knitting goals from last year and did pretty well. There were some things that fell off the list. Some biggies were completed.
In the new year I hope to finish my Black Flaming Flowers stole and my Philosopher's Wool sweater. Two big UFOs. If I make two nephew sweaters I'll be done the nephew project of many years. Not sure I want to put that first. I'm looking forward to being brave and a bit crazy.

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