Friday, December 16, 2011

Wrapping Up

 Taking time to get all the baking and shopping and wrapping done is seriously eating in to my knitting time. I made a big mess this morning while watching "The Muppet Christmas Carol" my perennial favourite. We now have it on DVD, but I think they missed a solo, "The Love Is Gone". I hope I'm mistaken. I have a dream of doing a Christmas Eve service with this Muppet music.
All the presents are wrapped and most are already given away. We had an early celebration as the in-laws left for down south for 3 months.
 My Raisin d'Etre (trail mix) is especially good this year with organic cranberries, chocolate covered espresso beans and giant raisins. It also has mixed nuts and granola. I finished the baking, but didn't take pictures because it's the same stuff I make every year- only less. Each of us was allowed one pick this year. Scott chose shortbread, D picked butter tarts, Em loves peanut butterscotch squares, and I made my Christmas cake in October.
 Wednesday was the annual Sisters' lunch. It now includes nieces-in-law if they can come and the two daughters are welcome. We didn't have a full cast, but we met in a pub in Merritt and had a rollicking good time even without imbibing. You've gotta love a place where the big meal deal includes a beer. Each of us brought a present, because we love presents, and we got to pick our own from the wrapping. I got a penguin much with hot chocolate from Candace, plus a glass reindeer ornament. Yay.
Debbie drove Mom and I in her new Jetta and I got to knit all the 1 1/2 hours each way. D's hat was cast on and knit to the decreases!
 There has been travel. Last weekend we went into the city for our annual shopping with friends from UBC. Bonus: they had tickets to Sting, so we joined them. Awesome music and entertainment. We stayed in the Hotel Vancouver which is a swanky Fairmont Hotel because there was no room at the (usual time-share) inn. We loved the dignified heritage touches.
 This is the moulding on our mirror. Love it.
 They have a mail slot in the wall. This makes me feel so Canadian. We had one in the hospital where I trained. Remember mail?
 I have already admitted to a Christmas knitting fail. It will not be done. One reason: I made myself a second Moody Kerchief of Malabrigo in browns. Yes I am selfish, but my neck is warm and it matches my new brown purse.
Further adventures of the sleeping dog. When we got home from our mucky, drizzly, walk today, Carly fell asleep on her back. Here she is snoring. Yes those are my guitars and drums. And in the back is proof that gifts are wrapped and out the door.

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Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

It all sounds so Christmass-y! Have a wonderful week and get back to that knitting!