Saturday, December 31, 2011

Breaking Out In Song (As Usual)

On the twelve months of 2011, I truly knit for thee
12 Project Mexico hats
11th Baby Surprise Jacket
10 Single socks (5 pair)
9 Lacy shawls
8 Common Threads Knitting Circle new friends
7 single skein gifts
6 baby blankets
5 kilometer Stash Dash
4 Knit Girlll Afghan Swap Squares
3 colourful cowls
2 cabled sweaters
and 1 entrelac graduation blanket.

Thanks for stopping by and for maintaining warm and friendly blogs.
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Hope you had a fun and productive year and are looking forward to rewarding projects, exciting new skills and squeal-worthy stash enhancement.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year :-) Love the phrase squeal-worthy stash enhancement. I shall remember that ;-) You've certainly been productive - I've struggled to finished one blanket - must try harder. Lol!