Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Blue New Year

 The super surprise gift was revealed yesterday, so I can show you: Brooklyn Tweed's Bridgestone Shawl. It is huge and soft and not too lacy for my cowboy sister who turned 50. Her daughter-in-law gave her a surprise party with over 50 guests and more tears than I've seen her shed before.
 Licorice is still in the ranch house, even though he is a knitter's menace. In response, the little dogs are friendlier.
 We included a visit to electrictree yarns in downtown Kamloops. A very special store. Another sister owns it with her daughter. Fun.
Here is the unwrapping. She looks a bit afraid of it, but not to worry, it is strong in the Shetland Shawl tradition.
I worked New Year's Eve until 11 pm and D picked me up. We shared a glass of champagne and some hopes and dreams. Then we packed for the ranch.
Hope you had a Happy New Year's Eve and are embarking on all things good.


foursocks said...

What a great pic of Lic!

Life's a Stitch said...

I saw someone wearing this shawl at a meeting and accosted her for the name of the pattern. Something like 1600 yds of yarn! I'm not sure it's for me but it's beautiful. I like your semisolid choice of colour. She did hers with one colour for the centre and one for the border. That was good, too. I can feel myself getting sucked into the vortex......