Thursday, January 19, 2012

Not Amused

 My little Japanese Snowbell tree is covered in snow, as is the deck, the bird feeders, the van and the roads. We are not used to such a lot of snow, and not used to it sticking around. I went in to town today and only did half my errands because I just wanted to get home. Drivers are crazy and careless! In my home, I can knit and read and sip tea. As well as write and get down to a few other crafts.
 These frames were given in our annual office gag-gift-o-rama. The funny thing this year is that everyone really appreciated their chosen gifts. These frames were from our book keeper's ex and she thought they were most hideous. I saw potential.
A coat of flat black paint and two musical pictures make a charming pair. I am definitely amused. Now where to hang them.
I worked yesterday and the snow was a big bother. But I was able to get in and get out. D made a big batch of chilli and tonight I made corn bread in a cast iron skillet like it was meant to be made.
Settling in for a quiet evening with choir cancelled.
Loving the Sherlock series from BBC and the book, House of Silk, a new Holmes mystery by Anthony
Horowitz. I do know how to amuse myself.

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