Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Most Beautiful Yarn

 Not this. Although the superwash 220 is amazingly soft. I bought too much because I didn't have a plan yet. This is an adaptation of Jared Flood's Noro Two Strip Scarf that has been such a successful gift to the boys. I just started knitting with a stripe in mind. I'm happy how it turned out. When we are in Arizona, friends are taking us to a Canucks hockey game and this will be the thank-you. I have to block it yet. It's the first completion on my 12 for 2012 list. I'm following along with the Knit Bits group on Ravelry.
I'm trying to make room for a travelling scarf project toward the Green Heart Warm Heart initiative. I have cast on for a reversible cable scarf in some lovely grey and lavender mix that I before Emily was in school(!
And our Scooby Doo turned 21 on Thursday. I had his Keurig Coffee maker wrapped and delivered when I picked him up for Christmas. His delightful girlfriend surprised him with a trip to his favourite restaurant, The Noodle Box.
I worked and then went to choir, and then worked. Thank goodness D and I had a night together last night with supper at Earl's and then a DVD. The movie was awful (!!!) Cowboys Versus Aliens. I was so angry that they had stolen the music and premise from Firefly. Let it be known that this movie is not the first time they mixed genres of wild west and space. Thanks to my knitting podcast friends, I'm a huge fan.
During the movie, I worked on the silk hankie mittens. This is the most beautiful stuff. It's Blue Moon Fibers in Farmhouse. It's listed as Mawats/ Silk Hankies. D bought me one for Xmas and I was so excited, but had to buy a second one for a pair of mitts. I'm doing a top down construction to use all the fibre, and knitting them at the same time, to ensure similarity. The pattern is free, but more of a recipe. That suits me because I had no idea what gauge I was going to get. I adore the fabric, but the process is a bit boggling. Thanks to Carin from Round the Twist for demonstrating it.
Don't you marvel at the things you don't think you can do?
I am starting a new eating program from the author of The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron. It's called the Writing Diet. The first time I tried it, I thought she was too new age, but now I'm getting into it. I journal daily, or aspire to, so this is encouraging me. I can take tips from when I was a Weight Watchers leader, and explore what worked for me. As well, there are good ideas from 12 step programs and psychology. I just got to the Clean Eating chapter and recall how well that worked for Wendy Knits. That is encouraging as well.
How are you faring with the post holiday bloating? Mine was made more pronounced by the week of snowbound cabin fever. I want to be fit for our travelling coming up.
Today I walked the dog in cold snowy rain and hail. I'm glad we went out when we did, they were just closing the soccer fields.
Now I can curl up with an audio book (Neil Gaiman's The Grave Yard Book) and my beautiful silk mittens!

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