Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Not Knitting (much)

 When we bought our house, 15 years ago, it was decorated within an inch of its life in green and white. I have done so much undecorating! The big chair is being recovered and I had to tackle the drapes, which I bought on sale in the summer. I dream of more blue in my life. So I took down cheesy fabric valance, attached only with thumb tacks, and then had a look at the heavy damask drapes.
Next was painting the existing valance to match the walls. It kind of matched the drapes so I left it a while. Two coats of Kansas Grain by Benjamin Moore. I chose honey and cream colours to counter act the grey winter skies. It helps.
 The existing rod has to stay, so I slipped out the undulating wire rod and all the carefully inserted pointy,  mean hooks. then came the ironing of the new "silk" drapes, rethreading the rod and reinserting the hooks.
I may have to hem them. They are 'puddled' right now and I can't decide if I like it. I had to hang them anyway to find the hem, so no waste. But my hands are cranky and don't want to knit too much.
Soon the blue chair will be home and I can sit in the winter sun and read and knit and read your blogs on my ipad.
Looking forward to it.

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