Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Almost Mind Blowing

 In the spirit of being more light hearted, I have been lusting after this wig. It's a cap with i-cord applied in the lobes of the brain. I "heart" it. Too many people think this is way out of character for me.
A few smart friends/family commiserate with me that it would be way too much i-cord. Soul sucking.
Enter the brilliant I-cord machine. This was actually ordered for me to borrow from a delightful friend, knitwitty26, and fellow moderator of the Chilliwack Common Threads forum on Ravelry.
I love this because it is based on technology from the 1850's, I think, when the Industrial Revolution began developing textiles. So beautifully, simply, complex. Did I mention it really works?
I cranked out an entire skein of Red Heart soft touch in the "Brain Pink" colourway, which it called for.
Now I'll make a cap and start mapping the hemispheres.
Maybe it'll make me look brainy.

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