Friday, January 06, 2012

Win At What Cost?

 I was so happy to finish my sister's 50th birthday shawl in time. It was hard to take time to do the knitted on edging (see abacus post) but I wanted to make her something special without getting too lacy or frou frou. I think this was a win.
This is a very traditional pattern adapted from the Shetland Islands where Border Collies live a life very similar to Jake and Dexter's on her own ranch.
 But, on Christmas morning, when D and I were unwrapping our stocking, I remembered his hat. I like to make him a hat every year that he can lose in the barn or whatever. I knit most of this hat on the road to the Sisters' Lunch and then just dropped my brain in the zip bag and forgot about it. (fail)
I handed him the knitting bag and apologized. Didn't go that well. But I did finish knitting it before breakfast and even knit on an extra brim to make it look better on him. It's the Dean Street Hat (terrific pattern!) in Vanna's Choice worsted. I'm embarrassed to say how much I liked this tweedy yarn. It took less than one ball! (win)
I also have an unfinished scarf on the needles that I hope I will finish for her birthday in the fall. (fail? win?)
I hit the local yarn sale and bought some linen and Mission Falls cotton for more shawls and gifts.
I'm on my second day of a terrible head cold, grumpy and phlegmy.
Thank goodness I bought some alpaca and Noro Silk Garden at electrictree yarn when I was there. I'm almost done a golden Moody Kerchief for Emily's birthday. My third. It was a bit expensive, but it is from my family's store and going to my (almost adult) baby girl.
I'm trying to start a euclidia-along from my sister's awesome shawl pattern.  Pat is working on making the pattern more extensive. But it's the type of pattern you can make any size, with any yarn. It hangs up in the shop and is beautiful. Let me know if you're interested in joining me. Perhaps I'll use my bollywood fuchsia and tangerine silk and camel Marakesh from Hand Maiden. When you visit electrictree yarns, take a good look around because there are delightful surprises in every nook.


foursocks said...

That mouse is so adorable!
The shawl is amazing and is on my chair for my cold shoulders. Thank you for your beautiful work.

Anonymous said...

Beaut, I am sure she will be very proud to use it/wear it!

anon knit club friend!