Monday, January 16, 2012

What Would Lala Do?

 It's snowing. Close the highway kind of snowing. If it warms up during the day, that just means there's a layer of refrozen ice on top of the snow. Slippery.
It is beautiful. If you don't have to go out.
 Saturday I went out and started shovelling the driveway. We are 300 feet from the road and have a big area in front of the garage for parking. I was raised on a farm where you were careful where you put things. I like the snow to go on the edges of the parking lot and on the grass, not on the plants or where I park. This means I have to do it myself. But D came out and did the long drive. I did ask him to open up as much of the pavement as possible. Not just a little path.
Speaking of doing things myself, I loaded my giant "dog and man" chair into the van last night by myself because I was tired of whining when I asked for help.
Today Emily offered to shovel the driveway. Why yes, thank you. She can't go to school because it's 40 minutes down the Trans Canada Highway and there are many cars in the ditch.
I started Thin Ice by Lala. I love this yarn and the shawl is going quite well. But it's pages and pages of writing, where I usually choose to knit from charts. How can I keep this in order? I remembered Lala uses the iphone app for counting rows, and I have used it before. So it's keeping me on track. Bonus, if you have to rip back, there is a frog button that you hold down and hit the minus button.
I have too many projects on the needles and have to priorize.
Finish the Thin Ice. Gift Canuck scarf for Feb and gift linen shawl for Feb. Then I can cast on nephew #8 sweater. And the baby layette for the fair. And the cotton shawl for our trip.
Actually, Lala would just cast them all on.

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