Wednesday, February 01, 2012

It Must Be Winter

 After several days of perpetual motion, I have sat down at the computer and linkes my passions. There are new blogs from favourite bloggers. New shows, like BBC Sherlock! I don't even have cable. I can watch episodes on line!
 And of course, the great enabler, Pinterest. Where I find new knitting projects, healthy cooking and overprices jewellery. It really is a most relaxing, if not productive pass time. Probably as good as baseball.
And the details! This is Doctor John Watson's mug from the first episode. I love it. I served in the Reserve Forces Medical Corps. In this cold weather I am drinking all my best tea that I have been saving for when the Pope visits. It is delightful and a good way to keep from chowing down on baked goods.
The down side is I can't knit while surfing. But I can while watching episodes. Next: Downtown Abbey. I don't know. Maybe from itunes.


cauchy09 said...

You can see season 1 of Downton for free on Hulu now. And season 2 goes up on the PBS site on the night of airing for free. Great show!

And now I want a Watson mug...

Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Yep; from Downtown Abbey to Pinterest to tea to knitting to video knitting podcasts, I am with ya!

Love that mug!