Thursday, February 02, 2012

Searching for the Beautiful

 I work tomorrow, so I had to get lots done today.
I added a trip to the local bead shop and had a ball picking coloured beads for this bracelet. On Saturday I go to UBC to a Children in the Church gathering. I'm taking a class from Doris Kizinna, a friend from camp who wrote a great book on Youth Leadership called Go Deep. I've read it before, but in preparation for the class, I read it again and went way deeper. It was really fun. I can see myself doing it again and doing every single exercise. I don't have a youth group right now, but I want to do some of the fun things with young families.
This bracelet is a prayer practice and each colour suggests a certain idea.
 I made one for myself with natural stones. Oh yah. It is heavy and comforting and I am excited about spending time taking it for a drive.
In the "8 weeks to a better you" project, spending 15 minutes of uplifting reading or scripture study. This is a good addition to my discipline of eating better. My diet also includes journalling which is encouraged in the 8 week plan.
I'm not sure I want to cut out all sugar. I made a banana bread yesterday without sugar or fat and I love it. Go Pinterest. I am not part of the sugar conspiracy theory, but, that said, probably take in too much of it.
I'm sprinkling flowers all through the house in a effort to combat the grey skies. The Ott lights are also sprinkled around the work spaces. We  have had some sunshine, but only in short spurts. Hope you take the time for a cup of tea and a sit and knit.


Linda said...

Early spring flowers are a must at this time of year. That and Vitamin D supplements.

Life's a Stitch said...

Very nice bracelet. I like the idea. My son had a rosary ring that he was attached to when he was little.