Monday, February 06, 2012

Escaping the February Blahs

 On Saturday I drove to UBC in Vancouver for a conference on the children in the church. Awesome! I love being around people who care if there are enough crayons to go around and who can join in singing at any moment. The February fog was all around, but there is no longer the haunting fog horn I used to hear from my dorm window.
 Today is bright and clear, though the wind is a bit biting. The big black dog was up for a real walk, so we did the 5 km block. I couldn't manage a walk yesterday after a steady shift. What I need is a pedometer and a definition edit.
 Here is Em's Moody Kerchief. I was asked for a photo. The top is Alpaca and the bottom is Silk Garden Noro. She wears it quite a bit and has great bravery in mixing colours. I have been wearing my Noro Sock Taize shawl. The conference was about youth worship in the Taize tradition, but I didn't get to share how excited I was with that divine coincidence.
Here's the bandana picnic blanket with the leather belt for storage and transport. Looking forward to my first picnic!

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Nancy McCarroll - Arts, Crafts and Favorites said...

Moody Kerchief shawl is lovely and I'll bet she loves it!

The bandana picnic blanket is a clever idea; never would have thought about that. Wondering if it is lined. Would be a quick wash after use. Fun idea.