Friday, February 10, 2012

Brave and Crazy

In my quest for colour, I bought a yellow bag. It is way out of my comfort zone, so I feel very brave. And just a little hip. But you would laugh at that if you knew me.
 The snow drops have bravely made their debut. The weather has suddenly turned cold and rainy and grey. I got caught in the rain. I was wearing a brown shirt with my brown sweater. How dreary it feels when it was cozy in the fall. I bought some bright t shirts and a new raincoat.
 And, to take myself more lightly, I picked up some colourful notebooks for journalling. I no longer keep my journals (process not product) and the leather bound ones were sitting on the shelf, waiting for the real writing. Just write.
The silk mittens are at the top of the queue now that the linen shawl is finished. I went to knitting yesterday morning and had great success knitting on Dahlia. It is our Knit A Long (KAL) so I plan to knit on it when I am in company with those friends. My stitches are smoother and more even when I don't try to impose the gauge.
D is away teaching about milking cows in another province, so I can flit about, or sit and work.
I pick up the boy this evening for his reading break from university. But it is a working break for him with mid terms coming just after. Emily only gets two days, but they were in school later after the Christmas break. It doesn't seem fair.
I work this weekend. The Hospice is quiet on Saturday and Sunday mornings, but heavy work if we don't have volunteers to help. Still I look forward to my time there with the great nurses and the dear patients. I always get especially attached to one or two. It is foolish, but we can't help it.
In my knitting I am bravely learning new skills and new successes. I pray I can sneak that into real life.

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Lesley said...

Love the yellow bag. I think you've inspired me to be braver with colour. :-)