Monday, February 20, 2012

Goal Keeping

 I added a quick gift knit to the queue and actually finished it quickly. They are baby leggings. The yarn was a gift ages ago and I'm glad to use it for a precious baby girl. These leg warmers are very expensive in the shops. I blame my mother for my quick response, "I can make that."
 The Euroflax Linen shawl is finished, washed twice to improve softness, blocked and even steam ironed a bit to get it ready to come to Arizona with us this week. We will be driving around and visiting friends and family.
I made it for Aunt Shirley who is a marvellous hostess and I have a knitting book and some Fleece Artist to join it.
Emily took these pictures, thanks.

Finally the Thin Ice shawl made of Bedazzle in "On a Winter's Morn". Like most shawls, it hung on to its secret until blocking. I kind of fell out of love with it, so it may go in the gift drawer, but at over 7 feet across, it's a lot to impose on a family member.
I have almost completed packing. I misplaced a few items but found them again, repacked my toiletries kit and removed some clothes from the suitcase. Just a bit of laundry now.
There's still drumming practice for tonight's Music Festival Choir competition and my bass guitar lesson.
I wanted to walk the dog, so when the sun came out at 0830, we headed right off. I will miss her, as usual while we're away, but she loves the kennel and she loves coming home.
Now I'm off to visit my mom before we go.
The goals are being checked off in every direction.


Judy S. said...

Finally getting caught up on blog reading only to learn that you're having fun in the sun! Enjoyed looking at all your nice projects. Have a good time in AZ!

Lifesastitch said...

We call the kennel Doggie Jail, but Gracee seemed perfectly Ok when we picked her up last time. Her first experience there wasn't great, but now she's ten and perhaps more patient.