Friday, February 17, 2012

Find It Yourself

 It's a flowering Quince. The tree I am looking for. I will find a place in the back yard that gets enough sun and has enough space for it to grow to its bushiness. Next year I will post pictures and you may recall how I am trying to brighten this dark February.
When it's so dark, I don't mind sewing in the basement. I am trying to have a charity scarf on hand to knit for our Green Heart/Warm Heart initiative. We want to collect 175 hand made scarves to hand out at the Salvation Army Christmas Dinner soup kitchen next Christmas. Hope to encourage the different crafting groups to pull together and develop a community while supporting those who are suffering in a manner that is respectful, but caring. Stash and Burn podcast mentioned doing it in San Francisco. I couldn't find a bag the right size, so I made a lined bucket bag with an oval bottom. It was fun to make something so quickly.
I did finish the Thin Ice and it's soaking in Soak now.
Last week I cast on a quick crochet cushion cover for Carly's dog bed. But it is not finished yet. Then I cast on some baby leg warmers for a friend's new baby. Very quick,  not finished the first.
I joined Lala's Mittens for Me knit a long and got most of the first cuff done, but the second clue is already out.
Then there was the preparing travel knitting for next week's trip to Arizona. The Seafoam scarf in grass green Qiviut was easy enough to start. The pattern is already on cards. But what if I run out of knitting, or I'm in a situation where I can't follow a chart?!!!! So I cast on my sister's pattern, euclidia to make a shawl from some gorgeous Misty Alpaca handpainted sock yarn. That just about does it.
Now I am a bit overwhelmed by the number of projects on the needles. Except for the Dahlia sweater, they're all small, but collectively pretty daunting.
I hope to get some good progress on them this weekend, if I can find the time.


Lifesastitch said...

Quince is the flower that's always blooming on my Ides of March birthday. I don't have one in my yard. Yet. I do have a silk version in my office.

Anonymous said...

Love your bucket bag and the flowering quince looks spring-ish festive! Hope you can find one!-cjbj