Monday, February 13, 2012

Budding Ideas

 The witch hazel is blooming already. I meant to plant one last year. Must get me some of that in my back yard so I can enjoy it from my sun room. I also want another old flowering shrub, but can't find the name.
 My mittens are scaring me. I have to find out if I have enough silk to finish them. Three sets of Mawata silk hankies is awfully expensive, but so is abandoning two sets. I have turned my attention to the Thin Ice shawl. Thank goodness I put it on my 12 in 2012 list to keep me focused. I need to finish this before I can get back my Tom Bihn knitting bag which is my best. This bag was designed by the crew. D loves his tri-fold travel laptop case.
 Can you see the sparklies/
 Today I have time and inclination to do some exploration. For my travel knitting, I want to work on the Qiviuk I bought in Banff. I have chosen the Seafoam scarf because of the pie crust edge. I haven't swatched yet, but I put each line of the chart on a separate 3x5  card for ease of knitting in travel.
As well I joined Lala's Mittens for Me knit a long. I think I'll use the rowan fine tweed I bought at Black Sheep. I have 98 yards times 4. Nope. The pattern asks for 275 yards but forgets to say "each colour". Phooey. I have more yarn. Pink and brown? Green and ivory? Probably the gifted electric tree. Good thing I checked on Ravelry.
I also bought Craft Activism which is an excellent book to buy when magazines are running $15.
There are so many new ideas sprouting in the February sunshine!

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Anonymous said...

Here is anonymous Carol again! G is giving the babies a bath so snuck a moment to view your latest. Thinking maybe I can do the baby surprise jacket: Didn't bring much yarn but I see AnnaLee has a big ball of the dishcloth cotton, do you think that would work? The outing today is off to the market to get supplies for a nice valentine dinner. DIL Annalee is recovering from her surgery quite well. Thinking it would be fine with me if I never went back to work again, well almost! Wow you did a lot of projects this past year; you are an inspiration to me and perhaps I can share some of your knowledge of knitting and life 101. Thanks for persevering with the knit club; I think it has been a success, do you? C U soon, have a nice trip whereever it is...Carol