Thursday, March 15, 2007

Switch Swatch

Delving into the stash can turn up unexpected gems.

I was dutifully swatching for nephew #2's sweater because I'm too sick to knit anything real. I bought the cotton, wool blend in December for this project.

But the swatch was too soft and drapey. There was nothing masculine about it.

Wait. What was the gauge of that Debbie Bliss sweater I've been dreaming of. Wow. A sweater for me. I have enough yarn, I have good row and stitch gauge. It is the diagonal front jacket from her "home" book. It has the interesting yet clean lines that may flatter my ample curves. The light denim is just what I've been looking for.

So what about the nephew? I have a tub of grey marl wool that I saved up for years ago to knit myself a sweater. I can slide it over to his shelf. Instead of Leo- a beautiful sweater in another yarn, I may swatch for knitty's Annitversary sweater. I could also do it in Cascade 220.

I have only added to my list as I finished and blocked the shawl. I can't seem to move forward.
I would love to start the Forest Path Stole, but I have to finish another lace shawl: Thistle lace. I need certain thoughtful space for that. And I'm using that time to write. Not bad. Not forward on the projects.
I'm very excited about the Stitiching show in Abbotsford tomorrow. I am so going. My coughing is down. I don't know if I've convinced anyone to come yet, but I'll get to see Philosophers again and Knitopia from White Rock. I have a bit of money saved. My serendipity fund. And the money from knitting the angel blanket which I consider a gift certificate and not a breech of the stash diet.
I was unable to use prime knitting time during the Band festival because I'm just too foggy. The Haiku sweater I started with Blue Sky Organic Cotton doesn't have enough yardage. I may try to squeeze a Baby Surprise (EZ) out of it. Learn that I need 400m for a baby sweater. Three balls of worsted. It seems too much.
So today I must embroider anyway and finish a cloth for the church. I won't finish it today, but I'll use my resting time in the good light for the white work and dream of my own cardigan in light denim when I travel to Scotland.