Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Prayer

A new friend of mine is having a breast cancer lump removed on Friday. I feel helpless.
I start talking 'Nurse" about making sure she has what she needs and sticks up for herself. Listens to her own gut and rests and looks after herself.
I ask about pre and post-op care. But I am not her nurse and I am only a new friend.
So I made her a prayer shawl.
The stitches are in groups of three.
This one is knit on size 5mm and size 17mm needles. It is Caron shadows from Michaels. It was quick and fun. I knit it in one day and thought of her and prayed for her all day. I don't know how I'm going to get it to her. I've made myself a new problem, but I needed to reach out and I hope she can wrap herself in some love as she enters the world of the Cancer patient. I was a pediatric oncology nurse and I have trouble not immersing myself in all the care giving measures that suited me so. I cried so hard the day my son was born for all the invasive procedures I had done on other people's children. I know I helped them to live, but I didn't know how horrible it was until I held my own baby in my arms.
My friend was someone's baby and she is someone's mother and wife. She is also a good friend.


Life's a Stitch said...

I did a prayer shawl for someone I'm not that close to, and I still haven't gotten up the nerve to gve it to her. It's for the mom of one of my student employees who died 18 months ago,

merry said...

I am intrigued by your pattern for the prayer shawl. I need to find a way to knit them faster. Your two needle sizes are something that I'm really interested in. Can you email me with your pattern? I don't want to post my email. Can you edit the posts?