Friday, May 04, 2007

Virtual Comfort

I'm back at the Y but not in the pool. It's great fun to read on the recumbant cycle.
But it hasn't been a great week.

D. has lost MY keys, locked himself out of his (my) van far away on a farm, bought a new practice van and made us late for cello, lost his phone/palm pilot and finally lost his wallet.
Make him sit down so none of us get hurt or lost.

On Tuesday I made a lovely roast beef dinner which I couldn't sit down to because Noodle pie coaches at the rink. When we came home, I sat alone with a book and a glass of wine to enjoy my dinner while the others played violent video games. Well, I choked - on a pea- and I went into an asthma attack. A real one. The first I've had in about 20 years. Now I'm on a hair trigger and have had to fight off other smaller attacks all week. More of my very own limitations.

The good thing is that, after I rescued myself from the pea and scared my family, I rested in bed with my sleeve and listened to Lime and Violet. What a fun podcast. They really comforted me. I was able to laugh and listen along.

I also found out, thanks to them, that I do have a kimono pattern for the organic cotton I bought for a baby sweater. It's in the Mason Dixon book. Of Course! Well at least I was able to be comforted and get good knitting vibes.

I'm OK now but shopping for a medic alert bracelet. I'll look on line.

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Li_B said...

Take care of yourself. I don't have asthma, but I have serious food allergies and I know how, after a reaction, the littlest bit will bring it back on.