Saturday, April 28, 2007

We Interrupt This Sweater

I was inspired by a new North Van friend's mitten mission. Stolen dreams.
I have knit many mittens. Most of them kept their partners and many of them kept my children's and their little friends' hands warm with us on the playground.
Now mittens are superfluous. You can't drive with mittens, you can't walk the dog or carry groceries. At least I require gloves.
But at the rink, my daughter's teeny coach wears mittens and I was compelled to use this malabrigo for her. Figure skating is a difficult sport and there is a great need for support and understanding. This coach allows my noodle-pie to grow at her own rate. She's very special and I would love to shower her with innocent mittens.
Today the skating club picks up litter for Earth Day. I hope there is a good turn out because this teeny coach will be there to encourage them.
On other fronts, we've been having a film festival. M. Night Shayamalan. I have so much trouble with his name. But I so appreciate his careful craft. My kids decided last night that his movies are more like short stories. Isn't that insight? I was chuffed. They have grown up with my snobbish ideas about encouraging the intelligence of the audience and I think they get it.
Still non weight bearing and coughing. I feel like a hedgehog and just want to roll up into a ball. D. is finally reaching out with some hugs. He doesn't like it when I'm sick because it cramps his very busy life. So sad.
Back and fronts almost done on the diagonal sweater so I will be wading into the sleeves today. I'm a bit worried about the investment of the collar. It may be as big as another sleeve. But when I'm done this sweater, I can make another few baby sweeties and a nephew sweater.
My niece moved so her sweater came back. Ouch. Exactly the reason I must reach out to my family. Mommy lost another brother this week. Many, many aunts and uncles I never knew. Still the loss is real. We must do for family as we are able.

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