Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Say It Doesn't Bother Me

Well, it does. We've had major husband setbacks with back surgery, stroke and another (!!) car accident. I'm feeling overwhelmed by his inability to express feelings or listen to mine. If you push it all in it will just go away. No.
Add to that a very teenage daughter. At least this extra ice time and assistant coach opportunity seem to be helping with mood swings.
My best friend is in England. Boo hoo. Not that she should listen to me because she's not free from troubles, but I know she's there when she's there.

So I comfort myself. I take my vitamins and get fresh air.
Today I went to the Y for the first time in ages. I managed OK with the recumbant cycle and the rowing machine. I took it easy and I listened to my ipod. I'm hoping this setback will be the catalyst to me regaining my health and fitness (and lower weight). Tomorrow I'm going to Aquafit 1 and hope I'm fit enough for Aquafit 2. Who knows?
We used to live at the Y when the kids took swimming lessons and noodle pie was in synchronized swimming. What a beautiful sport! Too bad we had to take her out of the pool because of allergies.

Retreating to the needles, I have stocked up on book tapes and am pleased to be keeping company with a long list of baby sweaters.
When my hunky-boo was born, I had sweaters coming in from all over the country and overseas. Friends from university whom I had taught how to knit or spent time knitting with. I never realized the impact it made on them. I certainly took up knitting baby sweaters as a major task to bring love back into their lives and into the lives of family and friends. For many it's the only hand-knitting they've ever seen. (This increases my cleverness quotient greatly).
I have a sweater for myself, too, and if I'm honest, I can say that I'm selfish enough to spend some major time on something for myself. If I have to be off my feet, I may as well have something to show for it.
Then maybe it won't bother me so much.

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