Thursday, May 10, 2007

Who Are the People In Your Neighbourhood?

Because of my stinking foot, I'm avoiding the mall. You can't get anything without walking miles.

Yesterday I went down town. Our sad and neglected little town. I usually shop the used book store, the shoe shop and the cool home furnishings: Objekts.

But I popped in on a friend from the choir and listened about her trip to Holland. I'm not in the choir anymore and miss our casual visits. She works in a "quaint" shop of new and used lace and teacups. A bit twee for me. So good to see her.
Around the corner is a hobby shop that may have the little figurine I'm looking for. I need a horse. I'll tell you about it in another post.

I walk in and the lady shouts, "I know you!!!"
Oh no. Is this another Weight Watchers client I have forgotten? Someone I nursed years ago? A skating mom? Someone from the other side of the soccer field?
No she recognized me from the wool shop and she remembered my felted bag (constant companion from Knitters' Stash) I had bumped into her at the wool shop months ago. She's going to have a nice hobby shop. She invited me to the Tuesday night gathering. I invited her to my as yet to be formed Sardis knit group.
She was so interested in one of my projects I told her I wanted to write it up and maybe have it published and she offered to be a test knitter.

How rich it is to step out of the virtual world and visit with real knitters. She brought up knitty and we both agreed we love "folly". I think it was before its time. Maybe we'll knit it together.