Saturday, July 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

I love presents. Even when they're not for me.
But yesterday was my day.
It was sunny, my mom and my sisters took me out to lunch. D went to Enumclaw for the Pacific Northwest Highland Games, but we had cake on Thursday night at his mom's.
Noodlepie made the cake. It was so good. Cara's Vegan Chocolate Cake from Dogs Steal Yarn. She put melted marshmallows on top for frosting and it was great. I don't have pictures from my camera, darn.
This is some of my haul. Notice the Stitch N Bitch journal from my dear bestest best friend who is now knitting quite a lot. She just started the flying geese from my Mason Dixon book (bday gift last year) and has ordered her own copy.
I took the kids to Harry Potter 5 last night (plus hers). It was good to go again but it seriously cut into our reading of the last book. I don't know how it came about that Noodle and I read alternating chapters out loud and can't read ahead. This does allow lots of knitting time.
We should seriously be packing for Tuesday, but it's still my birthday (friends for lunch today). I always manage to extend it over most of a week.
This year I wanted to share it with you.
Looking forward to another good year of blogging and reading blogs. Cheers.

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